10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $300 in 2023 [Tested Picks]

Budget limitations can make you think that high-quality gaming laptops are out of your reach. However, this is not the case because several best gaming laptops under $300 offer a myriad of unique features. Therefore, if you are short on the budget, even then, you can enjoy high-level streaming with these laptops providing excellent storage, impressive data transfer rates, ultra-durable design, and also a multitude of ports. Not only these features but also, such laptops are highly lightweight, and thus, you can easily carry them around.

Investing in these laptops will make you enjoy the long-term benefits. If you are thinking about how to specify your choice to the final budget under $300, there are no worries because we have compiled a list of the tested and trusted laptops with a highly economical price. In addition, we also have some essential pre-purchase considerations in the buyer’s guide for you so that you do not end up purchasing the lousy laptop wasting your money and time. Therefore, please continue reading to know more!

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10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $300

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1. HP Stream 11 Pro G2

“Best Gaming Laptop Under $300”

HP Stream 11 Pro G2

HP Stream 11 Pro G2 Intel Dual-Core Processor Laptop is among the best gaming laptops under $300, winning the game because of the excellent features like a high-quality display screen with remarkable resolution, smoother Wi-Fi connectivity, and highly durable construction. In addition, the heat management system embedded inside this laptop is also admirable.

I have been using this laptop not only for gaming but also for my office work, and I am highly satisfied with its best performance for both types of work. Thanks to the HP manufacturers for installing Windows 10 in it; it will save you from the hassle of doing it yourself. With only 2.43 pounds weight and dimensions of the 8.1 inches x 11.8 inches x 0.7 inches (L x W x H), you will be at ease carrying it around.

The WLED display screen of this laptop has a size of 11.6 inches and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Therefore, viewing the gaming elements with high definition is impossible if you own this laptop. Also, there are anti-glare elements inside the screen that keep your ocular health in mind. So, you can work and stream with this laptop for hours without any worries.

  • Highly ergonomic keyboard
  • Ultra-durable construction design
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Storage needs improvement

If you are tight on the budget but still looking for a premium grade laptop that you can use for gaming and streaming, then you should not be disappointed because HP Stream 11 Pro is here with all the features of smoother functioning, more astonishing performance, and durable construction design. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to go for this fantastic pick.


2. Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13

“Powerful $300 Gaming Laptop”

Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13

Samsung XE500C13 Chromebook Laptop is a true example of versatility and efficient functioning. It comes with a unique blend of the features like a highly powerful processor, brightly lit screen with a fantastic aspect ratio, and remarkably compact design. These are the features due to which we have included it in the list of the gaming laptops under $300 available in 2023.

In addition to these features, you will also be glad to learn that this laptop has a variety of ports so that you will enjoy exclusive connectivity with it. When I started using this laptop, I loved it for its robust operation without any breaks, and perhaps it is because of the high-quality processor. The manufacturers have used Intel Celeron processor N3060 with the specification of 1.6 GHz to 2.48 GHz in this laptop.

With the 2.54 pounds weight and dimensions of the 11.37 inches x 8.04 inches x 0.7 inches (L x W x H), you will be at ease carrying it around. The high-definition display screen of this laptop has a size of 11.6 inches, and its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. At the same time, the aspect ratio of this screen is 16: 9. Therefore, viewing the minute details will be possible with this laptop.

Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13 Review

  • Multi-purpose functionality
  • Powerful processor
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Slightly slower performance

If you love versatile laptops for gaming purposes at a highly economical price, then no other laptop on the market can beat the class of the Samsung XE500C13 Chromebook. This laptop gives you an excellent range of features like a remarkable processor, lightweight construction, and a fantastic battery life of 11 hours. Therefore, you should consider purchasing it.


3. HP Chromebook 11

“Good Gaming Laptop Under $300”

HP Chromebook 11

HP Chromebook 11 Celeron Chrome OS Laptop is an obligatory pick while discussing the under $300 gaming laptops available in 2023 because it has incredible features like a high-quality processor, impressive graphics card, and excellent memory transfer speed. In addition to these features, you will also be glad to know that this laptop has an average battery life of 12.83 hours.

That means you can play games on it without breaks for continuous hours. The smoother performance without any breaks is indeed associated with the processor type. The HP manufacturers have adopted the Intel Celeron processor, and they have equipped it with Intel HD Graphics 400. That is why you get a high definition quality of the gaming elements if you have this laptop.

This processor possesses 1.6 GHz to 2.48 GHz and a Cache of 2 M cache. Furthermore, the inherent space available in the RAM on this laptop is 4 GB DDR3L while there is also1600 SDRAM. In terms of weight, this laptop weighs only 2.4 pounds with the dimensions of 17.5 inches x 10 inches x 3 inches (L x W x H). Therefore, you will enjoy the ease of portability with this laptop.

  • High definition graphics card
  • Unbeatable battery life
  • Ultra-portability and ultra-lightweight
  • Warranty duration needs an extension

HP Chromebook 11 is the name of the excellence and powerful performance available at a very fair price under $300 for you. Based on my experience with this fantastic laptop, I strongly recommend you purchase it so that you can enjoy features like smoother operation, lightweight construction, and impressive battery life. Go for it, and you will love its high performance!


4. Acer Chromebook 11

“Best Laptop for Sims 4 Under $300”

Acer Chromebook 11

Acer Chromebook 11 Celeron N3060 11.6 Inches HD Laptop has excelled over the other highly economical laptops available on the market because it has remained unbeatable in terms of the highly powerful processor type, extended battery life, and Chrome operating system. These features make you consider purchasing it in 2023.

This laptop has remained in my use, and I love it for its high performance in continuous gaming. It is equally suitable for office work. Specifically, you can work for a constant 10 hours with this laptop without interruption. Thanks to the three-cell Lithium-ion battery with the 3490 mAh amperage that makes this possible for you.

Another distinctive characteristic of this laptop is the dual-core processor. This highly efficient processor is Intel Celeron N3060, and it has a specification of 2.48 GHz. In addition to this, we are also glad to mention that this laptop comes with an IPS display screen having 11.6 inches of the size. This high-definition widescreen is modified with the ComfyView LED so that your eyes are in a secure position viewing screen for hours.

  • Highly advanced Wi-Fi connectivity technology
  • Engineered ComfyView LED
  • Highly immersive dual speakers
  • Poor customer service

If you have invested your money in a wide range of laptops, but you are not satisfied with their performance, then we have the best suggestion for you. We are indicating the high functioning laptop, which is Acer Chromebook 11. This laptop will amaze you with its excellent speed, storage, and durability. Therefore, you should not ignore purchasing this incredible laptop.


5. Asus Chromebook C423NA

“Best Laptop for Roblox Under 300”

Asus Chromebook C423NA

Asus C423NA Chromebook 14 HD Intel Dual-Core Celeron Processor Laptop has gained considerable popularity in delivering high performance, and perhaps it is associated with the best features like high functioning hard disk type, widescreen display, and excellent graphics. Therefore, it is undoubtedly among the laptops that you should not miss purchasing.

With the range of ports for USBs and other jacks for the microphone and headphones, you will enjoy excellent connectivity if you purchase this laptop. The most distinctive feature associated with this laptop available under $300 is its wider screen with 14 inches of the size, unlike the other laptops on the market. This high-definition screen also has an anti-glare composition with the LED-backlit type display.

The 3.1 pounds weight and dimensions of the 9 inches x 20 inches x 3 inches (L x W x H). These specifications reflect the lightweight body and compactness of this laptop. So, you will enjoy portability by opting for it. The processor of this laptop is dual-core with the Intel Celeron N3350. That is why you will enjoy the astonishingly powerful performance while gaming.

  • Widescreen display
  • Powerful processor
  • 64 eMMC hard drive
  • Optical drive absent

Asus C423NA Chromebook is a package of happiness for all the gamers and streamers because it has been beating the market-worthy competitors with its excellent performance. With the fantastic graphics, processor, and speed, you will enjoy gaming with it. Considering my experience with it, I strongly recommend you to purchase it.


6. ASUS VivoBook L203MA

“Best Laptop for Minecraft Under $300”

ASUS VivoBook L203MA

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Intel Celeron N4000 Processor Laptop has made its mark among the other best gaming laptops under $300 because of the matchless features like highly efficient processor, pre-installed windows, highly lightweight and sleek design, and multi-purpose functionality. Therefore, investing your money in this laptop will be an act of wisdom.

When I started using this laptop, I loved its smoother operation without any heat and noise. Thanks to the ASUS manufacturers for making this laptop with the highly innovative thermal management system. The processor type of this laptop is Intel Celeron N4000 with the specifications of the 4 M Cache and 2.6 GHz. The high-definition webcam will help you in easier streaming.

Another mention-worthy feature of this laptop is its highly lightweight laptop that you can grab. It weighs only 2.31 pounds with 11 inches x 7.5 inches x 0.67 inches (L x W x H). The sleekness of this laptop is truly admirable. The pre-installed window of this laptop is in the S mode, which means you may upgrade it to the Windows 10 Home if at any moment you feel like it.

  • Cool and silent working
  • Sleek design
  • Ultra-durable body
  • Oversensitive touchpad

ASUS VivoBook L203MA has never failed to deliver the best performance, and that is attributable to its powerful processor and highly engineered components. Therefore, we strongly recommend you purchase it to enjoy all the features that we have just discussed. This is a must-consider option that will make you enjoy gaming like never before.


7. Lenovo Chromebook C330

“Long Lasting Gaming Laptop”

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Ease of converting, higher-performing processor, excellent speed, and ultra-lightweight construction design are some of the distinctive features associated with the Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible HD IPS Display Laptop.

This laptop has remained in my use for quite some time, and I love it for the convertibility feature. You can rotate the screen around 360 degrees in a secure way. The 11 inches touch screen has efficient sensors that will help you use this laptop in tablet mode with ease. Thanks to the manufacturers for embedding a high-quality 10 point IPS display on the screen of this laptop, allowing you to enjoy streaming anytime, anywhere.

This laptop’s overall weight and dimensions are 2.64 pounds and 11.5 inches x 0.77 inches x 8.48 inches (L x W x H), respectively. Therefore, carrying this laptop around will not cause you any worries. Also, the battery life of this laptop is impressive, and the makers have also installed various high-quality software to protect the system and battery so that this laptop lasts longer than you think.

  • Convertible design
  • Extended battery life
  • High definition screen display
  • Storage needs improvement

If you love convertible laptops working in the PC and tablet mode, you should not look beyond a premium quality choice like Lenovo Chromebook C330. This laptop has amazed the users with its high performance, ultra-durable construction design, and ease of carrying. Therefore, if you invest your money in this laptop, you will be reaping the benefits later.


8. Lenovo 130S-11IGM

“Best Affordable Gaming Laptop”

Lenovo 130S-11IGM

Lenovo 130S-11IGM 11.6″ HD Intel Celeron N4000 Laptop is an exclusive choice for gamers because it has all the features to make you enjoy high-level streaming like a large screen display with the best resolution varied connectivity options, and innovative flash memory. Therefore, that will give you high performance without burdening your pocket.

The most attractive feature of this laptop is the highly powerful processor type known as Intel® Celeron® N4000 processor. This processor will help you in playing different games without affecting the speed. In addition, there is an eMMC flash memory with 64 GBs capacity. This flash memory is specialized for increasing the speeds beyond your imagination.

Also, the impressive RAM of 4 GB will be handling a wide range of tasks without slowing down the laptop’s overall performance. Furthermore, you will enjoy ultra-high-definition imagery with this laptop because the manufacturers have embedded the integrated Intel UHD graphics in it. So, viewing the details of the gaming elements will be more fun now.

  • Maximum capacity flash memory
  • Solid built
  • Highly powerful processor
  • CD and DVD drive missing

If you dream of active streaming, but your pocket is stopping you from purchasing a high-end laptop, you should not be disappointed. Lenovo 130S-11IGM is here with the most economical price, yet the manufacturers have not compromised on the quality of this laptop. You will enjoy smoother operation, silent performance, and durability by opting for this laptop.


9. HP 14 Intel Celeron N4020

“Best Value Gaming Laptop”

HP 14 Intel Celeron N4020

If excellent graphics, ease of portability, high capacity RAM, and durable construction are your preference factors while purchasing a gaming laptop, then you should ignore a premium quality option like HP 14 Intel Celeron N4020 14-inch HD Touchscreen Laptop. This is one of the best gaming laptops under $300 that offers you all these features and others.

This laptop is admirable in many aspects, but its touch screen display is the most noteworthy thing. The high-definition display screen comes with an impressive size of 14 inches and has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. There are no virtual bezels surrounding the screen, and there you can enjoy streaming by pinching, zooming, and swiping just but touching the screen as per your convenience.

HP 14 Intel Celeron N4020 Review

With the weight and dimensions of 3.24 pounds and 12.76 inches x 8.86 inches x 0.71 inches (L x W x H), respectively, you will be able to carry it around with ease. The sleeker design of this laptop is another factor you should miss purchasing. In terms of the RAM and storage, it offers you 4 GB RAM AND 64 GB storage.

  • Ultra-high-definition graphics
  • Matchless portability
  • Extended warranty time
  • It does not support complex games

HP 14 Intel Celeron is jam-packed with the best features to make you enjoy streaming like you never have before. There are many reasons you should consider purchasing this laptop for many reasons, but above all, the excellent graphics, thinner body, and powerful processor will amaze you. Based on my experience with this laptop, I strongly recommend you go for it.


10. Dell Latitude E6430

“Best Small Gaming Laptop”

Dell Latitude E6430

Dell Latitude E6430 14.1 Inch Intel Dual-Core i7-3520M 2.9 GHz Laptop has made a special place in the hearts of the gamers because of the high-quality processor, impressive speed of data transfer, and range of the ports. That is why it is one of the best gaming laptops under $300 available for you in 2023. Also, the Dell makers have installed Windows 10 Professional for you.

This laptop comes with the high-power processor Intel Core i7-3520M with the specifications of the 3MB Cache and 2. 9GHz. If you are wondering about the excellent speed of this laptop, then it is associated with the Max Turbo Frequency reaching up to 3. 6GHz. At the same time, the high-capacity hard drive with the 240 GBs SSD and 16 GB DDR3 performs well at handling multiple tasks.

Another distinctive feature associated with this laptop is the excellent display screen. This display screen is not only large enough with the 14 inches size to show you gaming elements in detail, but also it has an impressive resolution of the 1366 x 768 pixels. The Dell manufacturers have also embedded Intel HD Graphics 3000 to delight your eyes with excellent details.

  • Amazing wireless connectivity
  • Ultra-high-definition graphics
  • Impressive speed
  • Slightly heavier body

If you search for a high-performance laptop with an impressive display, you should ignore a superior quality laptop like Dell Latitude E6430. With an excellent screen size, resolution, processor, speed, and DVD optical drive, you can enjoy gaming with this laptop. If you invest your money in this laptop, it will not fail to deliver the best results.


Cheap Gaming Laptops under $300 in 2023 – Buying Guide

After reading about the best gaming laptops under $300 available in 2023 in the review section, we hope that you will be glad to see that economical picks have much to offer. Therefore, you can opt for them without any worries as we have tested them and they gave the best results. However, you need to keep some essential tricks and tips in mind that we will share with you.

Type of the Processor

For purchasing a gaming laptop, you need to be careful about the processor type and core that it contains. If you go for the fundamental types because they are low-cost, you may not enjoy gaming because the speed will be considerably lower. Therefore, you should opt for laptops that come with high-quality processors to support the complex games you want to play.


Another important pre-purchase consideration that you should not miss is to check the storage of a laptop before you click the purchase button. Storage is essential for streamers and gamers because it determines the speed with which data can be written and read, as this is the primary medium where all gaming data will be stored. If the storage is lesser, you will face a slowing down of the overall performance of a laptop because it cannot respond to the data handling and multi-tasking in a better way. Checkout this amazing video for more QNA & Answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best gaming laptops under $300 to consider purchasing in 2023?

We have been examining different laptops available for under $300, and the good news is that we were not disappointed to see many laptops showing remarkable performance. They include HP Stream 11 Pro G2 Intel Dual-Core Processor Laptop, Samsung XE500C13 Chromebook Laptop, Acer Chromebook 11 Celeron N3060 11.6 Inches HD, and HP Chromebook 11 Celeron Chrome OS Laptop.

Are there any tips and tricks to keep in mind before purchasing a cheaper laptop for gaming?

Yes, for sure, there are some essential pre-purchase considerations that you need to keep in mind so that you don’t end up wasting your money and time. These pre-purchase considerations include checking the storage, speed, processor type, battery life, ease of portability, durability, and number of ports for good connectivity.

Are there any laptops available under $300 which do not heat up if used for hours of streaming?

We have several such laptops with an excellent thermal management system, thanks to technological advancement. In this regard, you may opt for perfect picks like Dell Latitude E6430 14.1 Inch Intel Dual-Core i7-3520M 2.9 GHz Laptop, HP 14 Intel Celeron N4020 14-inch HD Touchscreen Laptop, and Asus C423NA Chromebook 14 HD Intel Dual-Core Celeron Processor Laptop.


After reviewing the top picks and sharing some critical pre-purchase considerations, we are here to wrap up this guide on the best gaming laptops under $300. The choices that we have shared with you are all outstanding in terms of different features, and thus, you can purchase them without any worries. We have also narrowed down our choice to the top four picks, and they are:

  • HP Stream 11 Pro G2 Intel Dual-Core Processor Laptop due to its highly ergonomic keyboard, ultra-durable construction design, and excellent thermal management.
  • Samsung XE500C13 Chromebook Laptop due to its multi-purpose functionality, powerful processor, lightweight, and compact body.
  • HP Chromebook 11 Celeron Chrome OS Laptop due to its high definition graphics card, unbeatable battery life, ultra-portability, and ultra-lightweight body.
  • Acer Chromebook 11 Celeron N3060 11.6 Inches HD Laptop due to its highly advanced Wi-Fi connectivity technology, engineered Comfy View LED, and highly immersive dual speakers.

Don’t forget to share your worthy comments with us in the feedback section.

Thanks for the read!

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