How to Use Laptop As Monitor for Xbox One? [Easy Method]

Video gaming is quite popular among youngsters, where Xbox game consoles and accessories are headers among all! The company is owned by Microsoft, a multinational corporation of computer and application software and consumer electronics. Gamers have their style and preference: some like playing with handheld controllers while others are more used to keyboard strokes.

Undoubtedly, none of us can afford any decline in our gaming performance, especially the professionals. Thus, it is necessary to find out how to use the laptop as a monitor for Xbox One to use a keyboard as a game controller. In this blog, I will share significant details regarding HDMI, ports, and step-to-step procedures for your assistance. So, let’s not waste more time on these introductory lines and see what’s next!

Can You Use a Laptop As a Monitor for Xbox?

You can connect your Xbox One to your laptop through HDMI, but to entirely understand the steps you need to be aware of certain things because there are few drawbacks related to laptop brands or variables. The predominant factor to learn here is the distinction between HDMI input and output, so let me explain that shortly:

What is HDMI?

HDMI refers to a connection or transmission between gaming consoles and computing devices to fuse audio and video graphics. You must have seen an HD television port that includes many HDMI inputs so that users can root different devices at one to take maximum advantage. The case is the same as your laptop’s screen, which will display high-quality video and deliver distortion less sound that will improve your overall gaming experience—all via an HDMI.

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HDMI Input And Output

HDMI inputs found in televisions or home theater devices provide a root connection between gadgets to transmit high-end quality sound and video. The common examples of devices with one-end HDMI ports are Blu-ray gamers, A/V receivers, and gaming consoles. This HDMI input setup is entirely built-in!

In contrast, the HDMI outputs sourced sound and video display to HDMI inputs via signals and makes transmission among HDMI inputs and gadgets. Let me explain to you through an example: A Blu-ray player connects to HDMI devices by means of HDMI output. Similarly, you can connect an A/V receiver to your television using an HDMI input.

Now that you’re aware of HDMI inputs and outputs and want to know how to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox one then the first thing you need to do is to check whether your laptop has HDMI input or not! I have seen many laptops in my life which usually have an HDMI output. Briefly, a laptop can transfer video or image to monitor using HDMI output, however, an input HDMI is necessary for signaling from outside to your laptop.

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Step-By-Step Process

Catch a laptop device and Xbox one (make sure to tick the HDMI input) to proceed with this procedure! Start through the display settings of your laptop, if it lacks automatic switching. Turn on the mode, and move to system settings from the main menu of your Xbox. Now simply align the screen and display resolution based on your gaming requirements.

The second process to endure “how to use laptop as monitor for Xbox one” is via Xbox application software! This method is suggested to users whose laptops lack HDMI input, and still want to undergo this task. The application method became possible with the launch of Windows ten by Microsoft that streams video games to your laptop screen, or desktop monitor inherently. By using the application software, you can effortlessly stream games to your laptop through Xbox One!

The Xbox application has solved major stones from the way of most gamers because usually laptops lack HDMI input. So now there is no need for one, as you can stream your favorite video games by a single app, which is incredible! However, there are some requirements to accomplish this process including Windows 10 as the Xbox app doesn’t work on any predecessor version. Over that, your laptop should possess at least 2 GB RA, and 1.5 GHz processor to run this application.

You might be wondering how to start streaming the video game using the Xbox app, obviously as a newbie you don’t know about operating this app. For your information, the process is pretty simple as you need to enable the game streaming option on your Xbox settings and then turn your laptop on and find the connection option on the left side of the Xbox app. Select any console of your preference and click on the stream to begin the wonderful gaming session!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Xbox app do?

The Xbox application is a source of connection among gamers through smartphones or tablets. You can send video game clips, achievements, screenshots and chat with your gaming partners. The Xbox app is compatible with laptops too and works as an audio and video streamer input like HDMI input.

Is an Xbox app necessary?

No, the Xbox application is not compulsory to install but if you have Windows 10 or 11 on your laptop device, installing this app is suggested. It is also compatible with other smart gadgets and connects you to the gaming community adding more adventure and excitement in competitions and championships. The app also works as a tracker to see what you’ve earned in-game.

What laptops can I play Xbox on?

Xbox is a popular video game that has some requirements to run on any gadget. In my opinion, your laptop should possess at least 2 GB RAM, and a 1.5 GHz processor to run Xbox smoothly. Windows 10 or 11 is also necessary for Xbox gaming consoles or application software.


In conclusion, there are two ways to answer this question “how to use laptop as monitor for Xbox one?”! First the use of HDMI inputs and outputs through which you can stream high-quality audio and video on the laptop screen using a connector and cable. Second if your laptop device lacks HDMI input, you can undergo streaming through an Xbox application that integrally runs the video game on your gadget’s screen. To install this application software, Windows 10 is required.

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