How Much Electricity Does A Laptop Use?

We mainly consider the price, design, processor, portability, and upgradability of a laptop. However, it is important to consider some other things as well. For example, one of the significant things you should know is how much electricity a laptop uses.

Well, the laptop, desktops, and tablets will be consuming power differently. Plus, some factors can increase the power consumption of a laptop. So let’s find out how much electricity is consumed by laptops, desktops, and tablets.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use In A Day?

The laptops with the dedicated graphics card will be consuming more battery than standard laptops. The Average Laptop power consumption in a day will be 40 to 60 watts.

How Much Electricity Does A Computer Use In 24 Hours?

The computer can utilize more than 5000 watts in 24 hours easily. However, the power consumption depends on the processor and tasks that you are doing on a laptop.

The laptop can consume as low as 20 w electricity, but it can go up to 200 w. On average, a laptop with 14 inches screen will consume the power of 60 watts.

how much electricity does a computer use

Hours Used Each Day

If you want to know the exact figure of how much battery a laptop will consume in a day, then you can calculate in the following way. 0.5 will be consumed by laptop in 30 minutes.

Power Use (Watts)

You have to enter the average power consumption of your laptop in wattage.

Price (kWh)

Now you have to enter the average cost /hr. You can also calculate the electricity consumption of your laptop online with any electricity bill calculator.

However, laptops and tablets are the best options if you want to reduce power consumption. The best benefit of a laptop is that you will have several modes in it. The power-saving features include the standby mode, sleep, and other energy-reducing modes.

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Average Electricity That A Desktop, Laptop, Or Tablet Consumes

There is no doubt that the desktop consumes the most power as compared to the tablet and laptops. You will have the average power consumption details below. Continue reading!

average electricity that a laptop consume


The desktops can easily consume 60 to 300 watts of power, but it is not a small range. However, the power consumption of desktop can vary from one to another brand.

On the other side, the laptops used for Microsoft word and school assignments will not be consuming a lot of power. However, the hardcore gamers will be consuming more power whether you are playing on a desktop or laptop.


The laptops will be consuming more than 30 to 70 watts in a day. However, the power consumption will depend on what you are doing on the laptop. In fact, the screen brightness will be influencing the power consumption.

Therefore, the laptops in the smaller size will take less power to work. Besides, the keyboard of a laptop with a backlit will be consuming more electricity.


Tablets are much more portable than laptops, and they consume really less battery. The tablets will require only 15 to 30 watts of electricity.

Therefore, you will have a 4x power-saving function with the tablets as compared to the laptops. Besides, the tablets with higher brightness will be automatically increasing the power. Therefore, if you want to save power, then you need to lower the screen brightness.

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Power Management System in Computers

The states in which a computer utilizes electricity include the following:

  1. The activated operating system has the loaded performance, and the user is working on it.
  2. The idle state is where the programs are running, but the user is not doing anything. It will be saving quite a lot of power.
  3. The sleep mode is the lowest power consumption mode. In this mode, the background apps are working, but it gets inactive for a certain time period. You will have the response again when the laptop turns on.
  4. The standby mode is when the electricity supply is provided to the computer. Even the computer is shut down. The computer will be still utilizing the electricity.

If you want to save energy, then look for computers that have certification in power management. Also, you will have the power management systems to save the excessive money spent on laptop electricity usage.

Some Features To Contemplate While Buying A Laptop

It is crucial to gaze upon some aspects while buying a laptop:

  • Suppose you need a laptop to do minimal tasks like web surfing, email checking and use small applications, then you should have a tablet. The tablet will consume less power, and you will be able to do the tasks as well as an everyday routine.
  • The laptops and desktops have high-end processors that require more power to work. This is not the case in the tablets. The dual-core processor is ideal if you want high-end computational power.
  • If you are going to buy a desktop, then consider an LCD over CRT because it will save power usage.
  • You might not know that solid-state drives consume less power than hard disk drives.
  • You have to look for the Intel Atom chips if you want to save electricity consumption.

Final Words

All in all, you can save more than 50 per cent of the power consumption in a laptop compared to a desktop. You will have a significant decrease in the electricity bills while switching from a desktop to a laptop. The requirements of the laptop are less due to which it consumes less battery.

Moreover, you will have different modes in a laptop that can even reduce power consumption. You have to consider the good and awful sides of the laptops and desktops before making the last decision.

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