Does My Laptop Have HDMI Input? [How to know About]

Whether you’re a gamer or a theater lover, you can enjoy high resolution 4K video and distortion less audio in the background by transmitting signals from smaller output gadgets, including laptops, Chromebooks, or more, to big screens like TVs or A/V receivers. An HDMI input has made this possible by transferring high bands multimedia.

Perks aside, most laptops lack HDMI input, and sometimes users are not sure whether their gadget includes HDMI or not. If you need to know the answer to “Does my laptop have HDMI input?”, stick to this article to understand more about these connectors and their usability. Let’s dig in!

Does My Laptop Have HDMI Input

Some of you might wonder about the purpose of HDMI inputs, significance, or if our laptop lacks it. Don’t worry; this comprehensive conversation about “does my laptop have HDMI input?” will answer all your queries. So, let’s begin with a brief intro of HDMI inputs:

What Are HDMI Inputs?

HDMI refers to a high-definition multimedia interface that gives a medium for home theaters by providing a high-quality distortion less sound and 4K video. HDMI input is a digital port that can connect to audio or video multiple channels through one cable only. So, if you’re frustrated by the cable mess, an HDMI input would resolve your problem by making a multimedia connection in one wire. It is compatible with the following formats: DTS HD audio, Dolby True HD, and 3D video.

HDMI inputs are generally found in smart TVs and some home theater devices capable of receiving audio and video signals. These inputs are intended to accept all audio and video digital signals coming from HDMI outputs at one end. The output devices include Blu Ray players, A/V home theater receivers, and game consoles.

Importance Of HDMI Port

The primary advantage of HDMI is the transfer of premium quality audio and crystal clear video with a cable. Usually, consumers use HDMI to connect multimedia players like television or DVD players. So, are you ready to enjoy a dauntless and theater-like system on your living couch?

HDMI Connection

An HDMI connection is a joint between HDMI input and HDMI output through a cable that can transmit audio and video. This corded connection has a special connector at the sides with 19 pins that transfer high-band multimedia. There are no left or right sides as both ends are terminated with similar plus, which could be connected to HDMI inputs and HDMI outputs.

So you see, HDMI input is a solution for gamers who want a higher resolution, more prominent display for video game consoles and theater lovers who want to enjoy 4K HD print dramas, movies, or series at their home place. The HDMI port has made all this effortless, but do you know what the dark side of this story is?

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HDMI Input In Laptops

HDMI input ports are rarely present in devices, so in most cases, you need to go for some external sources to fulfill your multimedia requirements. HDMI ports usually found in laptops are not for input; however, a few exceptional devices offer you HDMI output or both input. To address if your gadget has HDMI or not, you need to follow the following steps:

As I said before, all HDMI ports are the same, including input or output, so there is no rocket science in differentiating between the two. In my opinion, you can determine if your laptop has HDMI input or not by looking at the channels available on the sides of your laptop device. However, this way, beginners are usually not sure whether they have adequately checked, so you feel the same; I have another solution for you!

What Are HDMI Inputs

“Does my laptop have HDMI input?” To find an answer, visit the specifications column of your laptop device from the retailer’s site, for instance, Amazon. There is a table mentioned that specifies the features of your laptop, scroll down and find the HDMI input column. You can easily see the answer is “yes” or “no” form.

Besides, you may have bought a laptop from the local market, and there is no retailer’s official website; in this scenario, please google your laptop’s model to see the specifications list. Secondly, if you don’t find it on the internet, please visit the “setting” of your computer and scroll down to the “ports” column. Here you will see if that particular laptop includes HDMI or not.

HDMI Port Appearance

To manually find the HDMI port, it is necessary to know what an HDMI port looks like! In general, most laptops feature a “Standard A size” HDMI port with a box-like shape. Also, the port is labeled as “HDMI” on the right side in the newest models. In contrast, some models have “Mini C or Micro D sizes,” which are smaller versions of HDMI ports compatible with cameras or smart recording gadgets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you convert HDMI output to input?

As mentioned many times, the HDMI ports look-alike both input and output, so it might raise a thought of converting HDMI output to HDMI input in your mind. For your information, you cannot convert the HDMI input to output because of their distinctive interior circuitry. In a word, an HDMI input is necessary to transmit multimedia! To know more about “does my laptop has HDMI input or not; please give a tour to this informative article.

Can you connect an Xbox to a laptop with HDMI?

You can use a monitor or laptop as a screen for playing Xbox one video games through two methods: first is by using a good quality HDMI cable, and second is through an Xbox application software. An HDMI cable transmits the signals for video and audio to your laptop and delivers an impressive gaming experience over the laptop.

Does an HDMI input look the same as an HDMI output?

Yes, the physical appearance of both ports is the same, but their interior circuitry is very different. In other words, you cannot use an HDMI input connector as an HDMI output. As far as looks are concerned, a standard HDMI port is a square-shaped port, while some modern smart ports are smaller in size, for instance, Mini C or Micro D!


An HDMI input is essential as it transfers the video and audio to external devices by a single cord. There is no wire-mess or complex procedure; put the cable in port, and you’re done! But, for this, you need to know whether your laptop includes HDMI input or not, so I shared some elementary ways to find out an HDMI input on your computer!

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